Smarter Monitoring. Better Governance.

Introducing the CyberMDX Healthcare Security Governance Engine

Data policies and digital procedures need to account for the business and operational needs across the whole organization and be enforced universally.

For hospitals, that just got a whole lot easier...

Using the CyberMDX Security Governance Engine, hospital executives can set goals, define responsibilities, and enforce processes according to their business purviews and strategic vision.

How it works

Cross-departmental Benefits: Learn more about how CyberMDX can specifically enable your department and enhance your workflows

Unify Security and Operations Purviews
Align Business Objectives, Compliance Mandates & Risk Strategies

Empower your teams with the tools and reporting mechanisms that ensure holistic visibility and risk awareness — across the organization.

Let the system work for you — according to your needs and requirements — to boost your corporate security compliance and governance goals. Put your day-to-day tasks of asset management, policy validation, progress tracking, and analytics on auto-pilot!

Governance Engine Use Cases
Asset Management
  • Capture and visualize asset inventory and interdependencies
  • Quantify device criticality, apply grouping, and define governance accordingly
  • Manage device recalls
  • Track unmanaged devices
  • Measure daily new assets more accurately, beyond what appears in VDI
  • Review VLAN construction and medical device networking
  • Analyze device fleet according to vendor composition
  • Sort endpoints according to department of relevance (e.g. Radiology)
  • Filter assets according to operating systems (i.e. Windows 7, Windows 8, etc.)
Trend Tracking
  • Monitor newly discovered assets
  • Log daily device activities
  • Follow mobile devices on internal networks
  • Track progress in the execution of vulnerability remediation plans
  • Keep an eye on communications of suspicious origins
  • Make sure decommissioned assets don't reconnect
  • Flag "lost" assets holding ePHI
Policy Validation & Deviation Detection
  • Identify Windows-based medical devices without sutiable anti-virus protection
  • Detect medical devices without NTP sync
  • Flag assets using unsecured communication protocols
  • Note non-medical devices that have slipped in VLANs designated solely for medical devices (e.g. Pump VLAN)
  • Receive prioritized notifications based on the ciriticality of affected devices
  • Pinpoint forbidden network communications (according to IP Country, for example)
  • Recognize out-of-network mobile connections to sensitive medical networks