Smart Resource Optimization
Made Simple

Hospitals have lots of moving parts – CyberMDX helps you coordinate and optimize critical assets to keep operations running efficiently.

Reduce Costs and Increase Margins
Without Increasing Budget or Staff

In the face of staff shortages, increased patient volumes, and mergers and acquisitions, hospitals are challenged to efficiently manage their human, budgetary and equipment resources.

Hiring new staff or increasing budgets isn't often an acceptable outcome. Instead, you simply need to find ways to work smarter and reduce costs. CyberMDX helps you optimize critical assets and automate processes that will reduce risk of downtime and streamline patient care.

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Healthcare Insights that Optimize
Critical Asset Allocation and Utilization

Before you can benefit from medical device optimization, you need to understand how these devices are being utilized. CyberMDX continuously captures operational data from all connected medical and IoT devices — whether managed or unmanaged. The real-time utilization and location dashboard allows users to monitor hospital devices, identify performance anomalies, transfer devices between hospital departments, and more.

No more wasted time chasing down equipment. With real-time smart device tracking, it’s easier for staff to find what they need, and devices can be moved to higher utilization areas as demand fluctuates.

With better data, hospitals can make more informed purchasing decisions. CyberMDX monitors equipment usage, so you can allocate equipment accordingly and reduce unnecessary investment in replacement equipment.

Optimize Medical Device Usage

A US-based hospital network with dozens of distributed facilities uses CyberMDX to identify underutilized infusion pumps and improve pump allocation between hospital facilities. Using CyberMDX, the HTM team can set a rule that tags every underutilized pump (below 20% utilization). This tag helps to efficiently identify underutilized devices and manage allocation based on needs.

Automate for Efficiency

Automatically track location of connected devices, providing key insight for optimizing asset distribution.

Maximize Medical Device Uptime

Extend device lifespan and ensure reliability using predictive maintenance scheduling and alerts.

Leverage Existing Infrastructure

Integrate with diverse third-party products across IT systems and network solutions.

IOMT device map
Doctors secure
User network abstract


Of staff time is spent tracking down medical equipment.

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