IT Security Teams
Must Now Protect Clinical Assets

CyberMDX enables HDOs worldwide to provide quality care by securing the systems and devices they rely on every day.

Gain Security and Visibility
for IoT and Medical Devices

With so many connected devices and diverse motives driving bad actors, hospitals have become a cyber battleground. Medical devices introduce a wide range of operating systems and communication protocols that traditional cyber security solutions cannot adequately protect. Leveraging our expertise in medical device vulnerabilities, CyberMDX delivers zero-touch threat prevention through an easy-to-deploy solution. We provide unmatched visibility and protection for medical and IoT devices, ensuring operational continuity as well as patient and data safety.  

Connected MRI protected

Proactive Cyber Intelligence to Secure, Manage and Optimize Critical Assets

A hospital’s number one goal is to provide safe, secure, and high-quality medical care to ensure the well-being and safety of its patients. To address this, healthcare providers rely on connected medical devices for their clinical workflows and life-saving treatments.

Unlike other IT assets, connected medical devices are often unprotected or unmanaged. As a result, they are extremely vulnerable to breaches, ransomware, or other attacks that could adversely impact data confidentiality and patient safety.

The CyberMDX solution was designed to scale from the smallest to the largest environments by leveraging a multi-tiered architecture that can support any HDO, region, facility location, or device (medical, IoMT, IoT, desktop, server, network devices, wireless) in a single pane of glass.

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Your medical devices are critical to patient care. Don’t let a cyber-attack disrupt your healthcare delivery.

Because time or budget should not hold you back from protecting human lives.

Close IoT Security Gaps

Ransomware like Ryuk or WannaCry continues to have a significant impact on hospital operations. Standard security tools simply do not provide the context-aware visibility needed to understand and protect medical environments. CyberMDX illuminates your digital domain - offering concise and prioritized context-aware risk assessment, as well as continuous network vulnerability patrolling and protection.

Scalable and Easy

Works across multiple network architectures (centralized, distributed, segmented) enabling scale, easy install, and optimal efficiency.

End-to-End Risk Mitigation

Zero-trust security model enables micro-segmentation based on asset visibility and trusted relationships.

Leverages Existing Infrastructure

CyberMDX integrates with diverse third-party products across IT systems and network solutions.

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Of all hospitals operate without a designated security person.

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A Game Changing Solution To Me As A CISO. Now I Have One Platform To Manage The Security...

CISO in the Services Industry

"We looked for several key attributes in both the solution and the vendor. The CyberMDX team really delivered on them. I was easy easily able to integrate with our proprietary workflow management system. The support -- from sales to pro services to implementation -- is exceptional. And I’d say the defining factor was when we ran a pen test of a wide network cyber-attack, CyberMDX was the only vendor that detected it. "


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