IoT Security is Now Mission-Critical for IT Networking

To make your job easier, you need a single, easy-to-use and scalable solution. CyberMDX delivers IT ecosystem visibility, and actionable operations-enhancing insights.

Monitor Performance and
Secure Your Medical IT Infrastructure

IT is expected to keep everything working while supporting technological footprint expansion, increasing productivity, and decreasing costs. This includes managing large-scale environments, maintaining operational insight, and leveraging data to continuously improve operations. CyberMDX helps you meet these goals, offering a solution that integrates with existing IT management systems, providing universal endpoint visibility and ecosystem visualization. You’ll know exactly what’s happening and when -- so you can deliver effective and efficient IT services.

IT staff looking at imaging server screens

Continuous Detection and Security for
All Your Connected Medical Devices

For most hospitals, success is significantly impacted by the level of efficiency in performing basic everyday tasks. Many of those tasks concern medical devices. Simple things like locating or retrieving a device can consume significant time and
energy. This can cause confusion and introduce security risks for IT teams struggling to keep up with the pace of new devices joining the clinical network.

With CyberMDX, IT staff can easily track medical devices in real-time and pinpoint the location of any device on your medical campus — at the facility, floor, or even room level. CyberMDX integrates with existing IT infrastructure including SIEM systems, vulnerability scanners, firewalls, NAC systems, CMMS, and workflow management platforms, simplifying installation and use.

Streamline and Secure IT Management

CyberMDX can discover any network connected IoT, OT, or medical device, managed or unmanaged. It provides unmatched, real-time visibility and accuracy of device data, including manufacturer, model, MAC address, serial number, firmware/OS, and location. The CyberMDX Healthcare Security Suite is also an open solution with out-of-the-box and tailored integrations for supporting unique customer workflows.

Full Visibility to Network Infrastructure

Optimized service and patch scheduling allows ideal maintenance windows for critical medical devices.

Accelerates Your Network Segmentation Efforts

Unique layered security approach enables micro-segmentation based on asset visibility and trusted relationships.

Leverages Existing Infrastructure

CyberMDX integrates with diverse third-party products across IT systems and network solutions.

CyberMDX solution capabilities


Source: Various Studies 55-83% %

Of all connected medical devices run outdated software versions.

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