Lower Cyber Risk and Prevent Financial Loss

Securing medical devices means less risk –
to patients, to financials, and to your reputation.
Don’t wait until disaster strikes.

Quality Care Isn't Possible If You're Breached

The risks of a cyber-attack are well-documented. Not only can attackers hold your organization hostage, but they can also shut down access to medical equipment and steal patient records. Most medical devices (~80%) run on outdated systems, making them highly vulnerable. Hackers can infiltrate your network through a security camera. Notwithstanding the potential loss of life, breaches can lead to regulatory penalties and ransomware payouts that massively impact your financials. We can help.

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CyberMDX Wraps Layers of
Security Around Each Device

See, measure, prevent and analyze what matters most:

  • Complete Visibility of All Devices
    Continuous, real-time discovery of the connected medical devices and the clinical network, including devices behind firewalls and serial gateways.
  • Risk Assessment and Attack Detection
    Clear and concise risk assessment of each medical device based on its known exposures, attack potential, and operational criticality. AI and rule-based attack detection identifies anomalies and malicious activities over authorized traffic.
  • Threat Prevention
    Custom-built security access and enforcement policy for each medical device. Smart isolation restricts device access, allowing only authorized nodes.
  • Analytics
    Detailed reports showing the security posture and inventory of each connected medical device, including significant alerts, overview of devices at risk, and all Internet-connected devices.

Protect Your Patients, Reputation, and Bottom Line

Your day-to-day is wrought with challenges. Financial hurdles, personnel shortages, government mandates, and much more. What’s essential to your bottom line is fulfilling the mission of providing quality care to your patients. CyberMDX protects the “things” that your patients rely on for quality care. We secure them so you have one less thing to worry about.

Protects Critical Medical Assets

Healthcare security protects the medical devices that allow you to provide quality care.

Layers Protection to Secure Data

With continuous network vulnerability patrolling and protection, PHI stays safe and compliant.

Lowers Risk of Financial Loss

Threat protection and remediation across all devices so you can't be held for ransom.

Doctors and medical device protected
Hacked computer


Average cost of a healthcare breach in 2020

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