Healthcare Data Security Protects a Most Prized Asset

CyberMDX provides layers of security around all your devices, helping to keep your patient data safe and your organization compliant.

24x7x365 Monitoring of
Unprotected Sensitive Data and Possible Data Loss

Hospitals have a big target on their backs. Stolen ePHI data carries a high price on the dark web, and hackers know hospitals have limited resources to protect that data.

Given the increasing sophistication and motivation of threat actors, it’s a matter of time before your organization is breached and patient data is exposed. CyberMDX delivers an easy-to-deploy cyber security solution, providing the visibility and protection necessary to safeguard your sensitive data.

Proactive Cyber Intelligence that Lets Hospitals Secure their Critical Data

A hospital’s number one goal is to provide safe, secure, and high-quality medical care to ensure the well-being and safety of patients. In addition to protecting patient health, hospitals also have an obligation to secure their data – which can potentially be breached through malware via any connected device.

Unlike other IT assets, connected medical and IoT devices are often unprotected or unmanaged. They are extremely vulnerable to breaches, ransomware, or other attacks which could adversely impact data confidentiality and patient safety.

The CyberMDX solution illuminates your digital domain – offering concise and prioritized context-aware risk assessment, as well as continuous network vulnerability patrolling and protection. It secures gaps many HTM teams don’t even know they have.

Close Data Security Gaps

CyberMDX enables your team to identify anomalies and malicious activities over authorized traffic, utilizing deep medical protocol inspection and rule-based attack detection. Reduce your attack surface through security access policies for each medical device, allowing only "safe" traffic from authorized nodes to communicate with them.

Patient Data Defense

Concise, prioritized context-aware risk assessment through continuous network vulnerability patrolling and protection.

Penalty and Reputational Avoidance

Specific, actionable compliance recommendations that help align your security policy with HIPAA guidelines.

Simple, Efficient Data Management

Produce audit trails and documentation on demand.
Let data drive decisions.


Total healthcare records breached April 2019-2020.

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