Hospitals Operate 24x7 - We Help Keep It That Way

Cyber criminals target hospitals with ransomware and denial of service attacks that could shut down healthcare. CyberMDX can mitigate that risk.

CyberMDX is Your Clinical Network Continuity Plan

Hospitals operate in an "always-on" environment and cannot afford a moment of interruption. With ransomware and denial of service attacks at an all-time high, a successful attack could cause complete network shutdown – and potentially lead to fatalities.

The best course of action is a continuity plan that mitigates this threat. The CyberMDX “device centric” approach blocks unauthorized access to your connected devices, maximizing uptime, and ensuring continuity even under attack.

Operating room with medical devices protected

CyberMDX Wraps Layers of Security Around Each Device

See, measure, prevent and analyze what matters most:

  • Complete Visibility of All Devices
    Continuous, real-time discovery of the connected medical devices and the clinical network, including devices behind firewalls and serial gateways.
  • Risk Assessment and Attack Detection
    Clear and concise risk assessment of each medical device based on its known exposures, attack potential, and operational criticality. AI andrule-based attack detection identifies anomalies and malicious activities over authorized traffic.
  • Threat Prevention
    Custom-built security access and enforcement policy for each medical device. Smart isolation restricts device access, allowing only authorized nodes.
  • Analytics
    Detailed reports showing the security posture and inventory of each connected medical device, including significant alerts, overview of devices at risk, and all Internet-connected devices.

Protected Devices Means Continuous Care

Hospitals have an average of 20,000 connected healthcare devices, all running different software at different lifecycle stages. CyberMDX lets you know exactly which devices need updates, so you can plan for upgrades to be done in a timely manner and with minimal interruption to operations.

Reduce Operational Risk

CyberMDX helps you mitigate risks and prevent threats before they happen.

Ensure Critical Processes

Streamline maintenance schedules based on device usage to avoid unplanned downtime and lost availability.

Maximize Medical Device Uptime

Our proactive, data-centric prediction model keeps you ahead of what could take you down.

Medical Device and IoT connected
Patient with staff protected
Medical device alarm


Of hospitals that experienced a data breach in past 3 years.

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