HTM Lifecycle Management Must Include IoT Security

CyberMDX integrates with CMMS and MDS2 to automatically inventory your entire fleet, while helping to keep devices functioning effectively and secure.

Smarter Medical Device Lifecycle Management for Biomedical Technician Teams

Your team manages thousands of connected medical devices. Without smart, automated tools, this is a highly laborious and tedious task. CyberMDX streamlines and enriches medical device lifecycle management through continuous discovery and detailed classification of all medical assets, location tracking, risk assessments per device, asset utilization, smart maintenance downtime scheduling, FDA recall tracking, and use-based procurement planning insights.

Lab technician with connected medical device protected

Empowering Your Team to Act with Greater Precision and Speed

The CyberMDX Healthcare Security Suite empowers biomedical engineering and procurement teams to effectively support medical equipment to maximize its performance:

  • Asset Inventory and Tracking – Full visibility and accuracy of device data, including manufacturer, model number, MAC address, serial number, firmware, and location of a device.
  • Risk Assessment and Preventative Care – Device Centric Risk Management provides a layered approach protecting each device. Ensure patient safety with streamlined FDA recall tracking, vendor access monitoring, MDS2 integration, and cyber security protection.
  • Detection and Response – AI-based anomaly detection, automatic quarantine and isolation, and prioritization based on criticality.
  • Compliance and Governance – Compliance alignment based on common cybersecurity frameworks (CIS, HITRUST), empowers asset management, network segmentation, progress tracking, and policy validation to act on autopilot.

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Your medical devices are critical to patient care. Don’t let a cyber-attack disrupt your healthcare delivery.

Because time or budget should not hold you back from protecting human lives.

Streamline and Secure Lifecycle Management

In the new normal, security must be part of medical device lifecycle management. CyberMDX provides medical devices with several layers of security. In addition, it lets you capture operational data from those devices – complete with a real-time utilization dashboard that allows you to monitor each device, identify performance anomalies, and transfer devices between hospital departments.

Automate Inventory Management

Find what you need quickly - enriched with critical data, patching recommendations, and location info.

Maximize Device Utilization and Efficiency

Optimize usage across device, lifecycle, and allocation decisions (e.g., locate underutilized infusion pumps)

Lower TCO and Annual Maintenance Costs

Streamline maintenance schedules to avoid unplanned downtime and lost availability.

Connected infusion pump protected
connected ct scanner protected
patient on respirator protected


Source: CyberMDX 30% %

Improvement over manual inventory lists with auto-discovery of connected devices.

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