How Better Healthcare Cybersecurity Helps Protect Patients

In order to stay competitive, improve efficiencies, drive down costs, and improve patient care, hospitals increasingly turn to technology.

The result is a rapid expansion in the number and use of medical devices and clinical assets. As the threat of cyber attacks loom large, those assets are quickly becoming liabilities. 

Get Smart






Unauthorized access to a connected device may not only compromise patient data, disrupt operations, and cause financial damages, but can also harm patients.

Defending against these threats is a top priority for best-in-class hospitals and the topic of the webinar. Have a gander to gain:

  • An understanding of the current HIT security landscape
  • The key ingredients for a comprehensive incident response plan 
  • An overview of the most effective approaches to operational resiliency and business continuity in the face of multi-frontal technological hazards


Presented by Safi Oranski
VP Business Development, CyberMDX

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Moderated by Jon Rabinowitz
VP Marketing, CyberMDX

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