The Makings of a Hyper Aware Hospital:

Fast Facts & Lasting Questions

By the end of the year, there'll be an estimated 650 million healthcare IoT devices installed globally — making the hyper connected hospital a mainstream reality. But connectivity is only half the story.

This webinar explores the hyper AWARE hospital.

Do you know what a hyper aware hospital is and why it matters?

Get Smart. Get Secure.



Hosted by TechNation and sponsored by CyberMDX, this recorded webinar covers the topic of device and network risk awareness as it exists and as its changing within the world of healthcare.

Test your own situational knowledge and awareness. Watch the webinar to learn, among other things:

  • The rate and frequency of cyber attacks against healthcare organizations 
  • How hospitals do (and don't) protect their devices from known vulnerabilities 
  • What IT and security challenges healthcare leaders believe they can handle and where they feel ill-prepared
  • How hospitals (mis)manage their networked device inventories

Join the conversation on medical devices, process optimization, and network awareness in the context of connected hospitals. To access the webinar, fill in the accompanying form. 


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