Automating Medical Device Cybersecurity & Risk Management

Driven by the pressures of competition and razor thin operating margins, hospitals are eager to adopt the latest technologies, leading to an all too common reality where the technology in use has far outgrows the security in place. When new security measures are finally incorporated, they typically consist of stop-gap solutions unlikely to stand the test of time and incapable wrapping your facility in a hermetic cyber seal. 

To avoid data breaches and cyber attacks, you'll need to plan something much more comprehensive, much more holistic, and much more forward-looking... 

Get Smart. Get Secure.






Join CyberMDX and Clearwater Compliance as we walk you through building and automating a comprehensive and sustainable medical device cybersecurity program, guided by the principles of sound enterprise risk management. 

Over the course of this webinar, we will:

  • Review the current state of medical device security and healthcare risk management
  • Discuss the need for automatic network asset identification and vulnerability assessment capabilities
  • Address immediate steps that can be taken to assess and respond to risks
  • And more

───  Presented By  ───

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Safi Oranski
VP Business Development


Steve Cagle
CEO & Director
Clearwater Compliance

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Alex Masten
Director of Training & Solutions Architecture Clearwater Compliance

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