5 Best Practices for Assessing Risk In Medical & IoT Devices

Join us on Thursday, Jul 23rd, for a 60-minute webinar hosted by CyberMDX's very own VP of Field Engineering, Dustin Anders.

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The session will focus on the challenges hospitals face in developing an end-to-end and holistic risk management framework. Particular attention will be given to how HDOs can more accurately and comprehensively inventory operational risk factors.

Key in so doing is the ability to inject visibility into your business, technology, and human resource dependencies and mapping where they fit within everyday workflows. It is not enough to identify vulnerabilities and threats. Smart administrators must learn to account for these risk factors as a function of the likelihood and severity of their potential impact radii.

All of this will be covered over the course of the webinar and distilled into 7 actionable imperatives that come together in the example of a real-world use case.

To attend the webinar, simply click here and register via BrightTALK.


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Dustin Anders
CyberMDX VP Field Engineering