How Hospitals Prioritize Connected Technology & Enterprise Network Risks

Healthcare is the sector most targeted by cyber attackers and while 2017's WannaCry attack served as a powerful wakeup call, for most hospitals, significant security gaps still remain.

As new devices are added without the necessary digital foresight, and as older devices age into digital disrepair, some of those gaps are even widening.

Effectively managing connected technology and enterprise network risk is a monumental challenge for healthcare CISOs. Limited by budget restrictions and siloed organizational management, many CISOs aren’t sure where to begin.


What's Inside

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Specifically included is:

  • An overview of the different cyber risk types and their implications across medical environments.
  • An assessment of impact potentialities associated with healthcare cyber risks.
  • A prioritized general cyber risk intervention rubric.
  • A rundown of extenuating considerations.
  • A review of risk-mitigating cyber hygiene practices.