How Advanced Network Monitoring Can Empower & Ease Hospital Compliance

In an industry as heavily regulated as healthcare, maintaining compliance across the organization represents a challenge both complex and multi-dimensional.

Even with dedicated tooling and outside help, hospitals struggle to stay on top of their regulatory obligations. But does it need to be that way?

Non-intrusive, low-touch network monitoring technologies are adding business resilience and value while streamlining hospital compliance efforts. 


Can You Get More Cross-Departmental Value From Tools You're Already Using?

“Cyber supervision can be especially useful in assisting compliance since so many regulations refer to data that is created, moved, and stored digitally. Smartly leveraged cyber technology not only provides an extra set of eyes to monitor your healthcare operation, but  it can automatically log compliance-relevant network interactions and generate audit trails demonstrating your compliance efforts.”

What's Inside

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Specifically, this document includes:

  • An overview of the regulatory environment, how it applies to medical technologies, and the common pitfalls dotting the landscape. 
  • An examination of more than 10 specific HIPAA rules and how an advanced cybersecurity solution can be leveraged to address them
  • An examination of relevant GDPR articles and how exactly an advanced cybersecurity solution can be leveraged to address them.
  • A review of elective healthcare standards, how they can help promote operational excellence, and practical recommendations for their adoption. 
  • A look beyond mere compliance in pursuit of more reliably safe, secure, and high-quality patient care.