The Big
Healthcare CIO Factbook

With a full third of all US data breaches happening in hospitals, healthcare is by far the most cyber-targeted industry.

Unfortunately, it seems the problem is only getting worse, with nearly 32 million individuals have fallen victim to medical record breaches in the first half of 2019 alone!

Facing that level of insecurity, healthcare delivery organizations need to get a handle on the situation ASAP. To do so, they'll need to start with the facts...


Knowledge is power and it's time you arm yourself accordingly.

Among other actionable factoids, this report  answers the following questions:

  • How many connected assets do hospitals typically operate?
  • What are the standard and best practices for managing connected medical devices?
  • How big is a normal hospital's attack surface?
  • Who are the threat actors?
  • What are the most common points of failure?
  • What are the likely and potential costs of a target?
  • What actions can be taken to rapidly and significantly harden defenses?