The Big Healthcare CIO Factbook

Healthcare is the most cyber-targeted industry, with a full third of all US data breaches happening in hospitals and the problem is only getting worse.

15,085,302 individual medical records were breached globally in 2018 — representing a 3X increase over the year prior.

Things are only getting worse with that figure having more than doubled — reaching nearly 32 million breached records — in the first half of 2019 alone!


Knowledge is power and it's time you arm yourself accordingly.

Among other actionable factoids, this report provides answers to the following questions:

  • How connected are modern healthcare organizations?
  • How large an asset fleet are hospitals typically operating?
  • How much visibility is typically maintained across that fleet?
  • What are the standard and best practices for managing connected medical devices?
  • How big is a normal hospital's attack surface?
  • How often are hospitals attacked?
  • What are the chances of being compromised?
  • Who are the threat actors?
  • What are the likely and potential costs of a target?
  • What are the most common points of failure?
  • Which assets are most vulnerable?
  • What actions can be taken to rapidly and significantly harden defenses?