2020 Vision: A Review of Major IT & Cyber Security Issues Affecting Healthcare

With more than 40 million breached medical records, 2019 was a notable year for the world of healthcare, and not in a good way...

Combining deep industry and cyber expertise, this report distills insights from hundreds of facilities and 1+ million data points to deliver highly impactful recommendations uniquely formulated to help  hospitals quickly bolster their cybersecurity posture.


To access the report, please fill in the accompanying form. Included in the report, you'll find:

  • A timeline of 2019’s biggest US healthcare hacks
  • A review of the emerging vulnerability landscape
  • An analysis of healthcare technology risks — both environmental and management
  • A rundown of institutional obstacles to security and opportunities for improvement
  • An argument for a more proactive and more tailored approach to vulnerability research
  • Specific, actionable best practice recommendations at the organizational and network levels