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Working Together, We Create Awareness to Help HDOs Reduce Cyber-Attack Exposure

8 Mar 2022

Access:7 Vulnerability

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21 Dec 2020

Two vulnerabilities affect Dell Wyse Thin client devices running ThinOS 8.6 and earlie

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8 Dec 2020

Discovery of a high severity vulnerability in 104 imaging devices. MRI, X-ray, Ultrasound and much more impacted.

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26 Sep 2019

Assisted JSOF with Ripple20 discovery. CyberMDX validated several of the affected medical devices exposed by this vulnerability.

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18 Sep 2019

Named MDhex, this discovery found six vulnerabilities in a range of patient monitoring products.

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29 Oct 2018

Multiple models of anesthesia machines found to be subject to unauthorized network communications and commands.

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28 Oct 2018

Firmware for pump gateway was found to be vulnerable to malicious exploitations allowing a bad actor to authenticate malicious content.

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28 Oct 2018

The BD Alaris Gateway's web management system is vulnerable due to a lack of password protection.

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8 May 2018

Potential access to a syringe pump via terminal server was discovered. Hacks could happen without knowledge of IP addresses or the pump's location.

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8 May 2018

Arbitrary memory write would be allowed through this exposure. This discovery pinpointed a terminal server that was vulnerable to "misfortune cookie".

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Why CyberMDX Research Matters

CyberMDX’s Vulnerability Research and HTM Analysis team works with medical device manufacturers, security vendors, and regulatory organizations (e.g. CISA, FDA, MITRE) in the responsible disclosure of security vulnerabilities, including MDHex, Ripple20 (assisted JSOF) and MDhex-Ray.

Our researchers, white hat hackers, and engineers understand attacker motives, means, and methods, which enables us to offer the best protection possible. CyberMDX customers can consult with our experts and have access to custom reports and priority analysis.

By the Numbers

Source: CyberMDX Research 16

Number of major vulnerabilities discovered

Source: CyberMDX Research 100+ +

Different medical devices affected in 1000's of hospitals worldwide.

Number of hospital beds in US alone.

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MDhex-Ray Discovery of 100+ Device Vulnerabilities

Discovery of a high severity vulnerability in 104 imaging devices. MRI, X-ray, Ultrasound and much more impacted.

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