Connecting Our Cloud-Based Core to Hospital Networks

CyberMDX Sensors are cost and performance-optimized appliances. Choose your preferred option – hardware (pictured), software (e.g. Cisco Catalyst 9300 switch), or virtual appliance form factor.

Medical Device and IoT connected

Acquiring, Converting, and Reporting Data to Help Secure HDOs

The CyberMDX sensors are deployed in a hardware, software (e.g. Cisco Catalyst 9300 switch) or virtual appliance form factor. They acquire network traffic and perform deep packet inspection, converting traffic data into metadata and events. They are then reported to the core software and no sensitive data is transferred out of the customer environment.

The sensors provide superior performance and high resiliency for enterprise-class deployments. The largest appliance supports 10Gbps of application inspection, which results in throughput of hundreds of thousands of transactions per second. To maximize system uptime, they include redundant hard drives, power supplies, and a wide variety of network interface options.

Sensors can cover single or multiple facilities according to the network architecture and deployment plan.

Cost and Performance-Optimized Appliance

With multiple variations for reliable deployment of medical cyber security software in a full range of hospital environments, CyberMDX Sensors help eliminate barriers and ensure easy problem diagnosis and troubleshooting in the field.

Flexible Deployment Options

Deploy sensors in physical or virtual form factor, on-premise or at the data center.

Scalable, Easy to Deploy

Sensors come in various throughput and coverage options, per the number of devices in your network.

High Capacity and Performance

Capable of inspecting more than 100 different medical protocols.

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Source: CyberMDX 100+ +

Total number of medical protocols the CyberMDX sensor can inspect.

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