Multi-Tenant Access for Large Hospitals

Conveniently access multiple locations from a single dashboard and get detailed reports and a bird’s eye view of your analytics.

Secure and Manage Your Network
of Hospitals on a Single Platform

With a single instance of the CyberMDX Healthcare Security Suite, you can manage multiple hospital locations with just a click. The CyberMDX Multi-Tenant Management Console is API driven and enables the user to query CyberMDX APIs of all managed tenants, enabling hospitals to identify, detect, and defend against potential cyber attacks across all locations and campuses. This ensures the operational continuity of critical assets and the security of patient and facility data.

Manage Your Network Globally,
Secure it Locally

In large healthcare systems where each hospital entity needs a separate, unique dashboard, CyberMDX offers a multi-tenancy option. This provides a single pane of glass that unites the individual dashboards into one, while preserving the separation of the core systems in a SOC-like environment.

The CyberMDX Multi-Tenant Management Console allows multi-site hospitals to manage several locations in a centralized fashion. The console aggregates and presents data from multiple locations, providing cross-tenant, and per-tenant visibility through flexible dashboards and reports.

These multi-tenancy capabilities let you easily focus on a specific tenant or a certain site within a tenant. It also provides one-click seamless access into the CyberMDX management console for any specific tenant.

Managing Your Multi-Site Network
with Intelligence and Efficiency

The CyberMDX Multi-tenant solution provides large hospital campus environments a central administration control center. It enables you to operate with all the same capabilities but for multiple sites or organizations. In addition, it also secures the private data for each of the tenants from the other.

Reduce Costs

A single instance of the CyberMDX Healthcare Suite can manage all your locations.

Streamline Management

The multi-tenant solution can be installed on a single server to manage multiple sites or organizations.

Simplify Operations

All aggregated data across all tenants can be accessed from a single dashboard.


US hospitals in a multi-hospital or diversified hospital system.

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