Maximum Coverage with Minimum Required Resources

CyberMDX's comprehensive deployment services, including custom integration, ensure the most complete coverage with granular data for all your connected devices.

Flexible, Scalable Deployment
that Protects Your Technology Investment

CyberMDX has a proven track record for scalable and distributed implementations, including some of the largest healthcare environments in the world. Our deployment and configuration services leverage a multi-tiered architecture that can support the hierarchy of single site or multi-campus, multi-location organizational structures.

In addition, CyberMDX can protect your technology investments by integrating our solution into your existing security infrastructure, reducing your risk and simplifying site-wide installation and configuration.

Ready for Small Single-Site to
Large, Distributed Environments

CyberMDX uses an agentless deployment model. Cyber security controls are network-based, and traffic sensors can be deployed per site, or at strategic points in the network. A single CyberMDX management controller connects to the sensors, collects their processed data, and manages the AI-based attack detection and automatic smart-isolation processes.

The Controller exists in a single-tenant environment in the CyberMDX cloud. The Controller interacts with the CyberMDX secure central cloud to gather threat detection and medical device classification updates. Sensors run on one or more physical or virtual appliances hosted in the customer environment. The solution interfaces with SIEM systems (such as Splunk, QRadar) to send anomaly detection alerts for medical devices to the organizational SOC.

Smarter, More Efficient Approach

CyberMDX networking architecture experts have extensive knowledge and experience with multi-vendor IT networking, clinical, cloud and hybrid environments. We work to ensure maximum visibility with minimal effort. Working together, our team listens and collaborates with yours to deliver the most cost-effective protection for all your critical assets, whether physical or virtual.

Simple and Minimal Effort

The CyberMDX approach leverages proven methods for efficient, quality, ROI-driven implementation.

Leverage What You Have

We learn what you have and then leverage it through bi-directional data enrichment.

Fast, Efficient Onboarding

Define and design exactly how you want to enable workflows or orchestrate security.

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Source: Herjavec 2020 Healthcare Cybersecurity Report 93% %

Of hospitals that experienced a data breach in past 3 years.

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