Risk Management (DCRM)

A layered approach to cyber security that protects each device, driving remediation and mitigation directly on your medical and IoT assets.

Maximize Cyber Security by Wrapping
Layers of Protection Around Your Assets

CyberMDX provides on-going risk assessment of all your connected assets including vulnerability and compliance profiles. But we don't stop there. The solution offers a prioritized list of asset groups and recommended actions to remediate or mitigate the risks associated with these assets on three distinct protection layers: on-device, on-network, on-perimeter. This is inherently more robust than other solutions which focus their security and risk management solely on the network layer.

Cyber Risks screen in focus

Streamlining Vulnerability
Remediation and Mitigation

Fundamental questions drive the risk management process. What vulnerabilities affect an asset? What is the severity? What are the factors that could impact patient safety or other business objectives?

First you need to consider your on-device remediation options – including patching or applying configuration changes, and understanding what the expected risk reduction is in each case.

CyberMDX technology enables the collection and analysis of meaningful data to provide answers to these questions and drive decisions and actions towards fixing these issues. Our DCRM approach also includes kickoff workflows and security orchestration to help you effectively manage the risks.

More Than
Just Zero Trust

Rapid Response to Threats

A single dashboard to act on all your device groups at risk - three layers of protection – on-device, on-network, and on-perimeter – implemented and managed in one place.

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Fully Automated Security

”Click to mitigate” simplifies security by enabling robust blocklists with a single click.
Hosted in a single tenant environment, it analyzes events and runs business logic from identification through prevention.

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Superior External Access Control

Enable your firewall to apply automated blocklist policies directly to devices.

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Of healthcare organizations have experienced a data breach

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