Let the CyberMDX Control Center
Work for You

Define, validate, and enforce your own custom rules and policies with the most robust security governance solution on the market.

Powerful, Full-Featured Policy Engine
Automates All Your Daily Tasks

The CyberMDX Control Center is how smart healthcare organizations make the most of available technologies. Save labor and increase the accuracy and ability to update by converting daily user routines into automated rules. Powered by our flexible, rule-based policy engine, the CyberMDX Control Center enables you to fine-tune and customize the system behavior by defining granular rules and policies. Easily review, validate, and enforce the policies underpinning digital governance across your entire organization.

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Command Control
for Your Security and Policy

Let CyberMDX work for you – define rules/policies to put asset management, policy validation, compliance alignment, and asset tracking on autopilot.

  • Create custom rules or choose from pre-defined best practices. Rules can be based on various asset or network attributes (such as asset type, location, risk level, detected vulnerabilities and much more) or behavior (such as communication with a high-risk country).
  • Track all matching assets in real time. Zoom in on a specific set of results for more in-depth investigation.
  • Decide whether you want only a visualization of matching results, or additional actions that will be triggered by them. For example, creating tickets, sending email notifications, modifying asset attributes, implementing a smart security policy, and more.

A Comprehensive, Flexible Framework

CyberMDX Control Center is a flexible framework for custom monitoring, policy validation and incident response. What’s more, it’s constantly updated with additional filtering and triggering capabilities, enabling almost unlimited creativity when defining custom policies and workflows.

Simplify Compliance Alignment

More than 100 cyber security [MS1] framework (NIST, CIS, HITRUST) best practices out of the box.

Auto-Pilot Policy Validation

Automate tracking of policy violations and incident response.

Flexible User Experience

Customize the experience per your preferences, including dashboard, custom attributes, and custom tags.

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Compliance best practices out of the box

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