Layers of Security – Agentless, Scalable and Integrated

Our technology combines deep packet inspection with artificial intelligence and healthcare-specific knowledge bases to streamline cyber security and operational workflows.

Transforming Raw Data Into
Proactive Insights and Streamlined Actions

CyberMDX built its technology from the ground up around meaningful data. We acquire data from network traffic and data integrations and enrich it from our healthcare and security-focused knowledge base. Our artificial intelligence engine then analyzes the data to create a comprehensive asset inventory together with 360° actionable security insights around those assets. Closing the loop, we translate insights into actions via security orchestration and workflow automation.

Unparalleled Data Visibility is the Foundation of Our Solution

Data acquisition is based on non-intrusive deep packet inspection and data aggregation from various organizational systems. These data flows are inspected, analyzed, correlated, and further enriched in real-time to provide a comprehensive asset inventory and mapping of inter-asset interactions. We use third-party and proprietary healthcare and cybersecurity-focused knowledge bases to ensure that the inventory and flows information is meaningful, useful, and business-aware.

Leveraging proprietary artificial intelligence technology, our applied engines use that information to create proactive insights – from risk assessment to threat detection to operational optimization. These insights are delivered to users through a customizable dashboard and detailed reports. We close the loop to action via the organizational workflow management system and security orchestration.

Comprehensive, Flexible Framework

A solid solution architecture is meaningless if it isn’t built for purpose. CyberMDX considers the specific needs and concerns of healthcare delivery organizations. Whether it’s device visibility and security, risk management, asset tracking, or compliance, our solution and approach have you covered.

Scales from Small to Large

Built to cover even the largest healthcare delivery organizations – or the providers that secure them.

Integrates with What You Have

Drives actions and workflows via integration and orchestration engines.

Customizes for Your Needs

Define and design exactly how you want to enable workflows or orchestrate security.

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Source: CyberMDX Research 150

Total distinct types of device families found in a typical HDO.

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