Powerful Insights from CyberMDX Advanced Reporting

A flexible reporting platform with out-of-the-box reports custom designed for CISOs, biomedical engineers, and more.

Better, Evidence-Based Decisions

CyberMDX Advanced Reporting empowers you to provide C-level executives with easy-to-read reports on your overall cybersecurity posture and progress towards meeting goals. With an intuitive interface and automated data capture across all platforms and devices, Advanced Reporting creates documented intelligence in real time, so critical information is at decision makers' fingertips immediately.

Advanced Reporting aggregates and cross-filters your data while presenting it clearly, allowing you to act on it efficiently and effectively - your way.

CyberMDX Cybersecurity Posture reports screen

View Real-Time Data
for Actionable Insights

In the healthcare world, change can happen rapidly, and obsolete data can cause real issues for hospitals. Advanced Reporting provides up-to-the-minute information, so decision-makers always have the most current and relevant data available.

Available reports include:

  • Overall Security Posture – a quick overview of what security-related actions have been taken and what remains to be done
  • Fleet utilization – utilization data for imaging systems and infusion pumps, with cross-site comparison. This facilitates allocation of underutilized assets to other areas
  • In-depth cyber risk reports for each risk type (vulnerabilities, threats and compliance issues), ranking all cyber risks by severity and highlighting the most commonly affected asset groups.
  • Detailed pump analytics – utilization, error message frequency, distribution, and analytics on injected medication.

Actionable IoT Security Intelligence

Do you know how many devices in your network are potentially vulnerable to the latest malware attack? How helpful would it be to have a report that prioritizes the mitigation of risks and threats in your network? With CyberMDX, you can have that and much more. Summaries that save you time about what really matters.

Detect Threats Faster

Real-time device tracking and risk remediation reports.

Centralize Your View of Device Utilization and Performance

Aggregated data on device operations with granular and global views.

Make Informed Business Decisions

Improve capital allocation with more proficient equipment purchasing and rental decisions.

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Typical total number of IoT devices in a large hospital in comparison to 30,000 traditional networked devices.

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