Meet the Team

We are a passionate team of multidisciplinary professionals with decades of experience in cyber intelligence and medical device research.

CyberMDX was established to tackle the growing security challenges hospitals and clinical networks face in protecting their networked medical devices and critical IoT assets.

We help healthcare organizations around the world map their IT ecosystems, shore up latent vulnerabilities, detect and expel cyber intruders, as well as actively shrink the attack surface to prevent breaches before they ever materialize. 

Leveraging deep industry expertise, original vulnerability research, unparalleled cyber training, and proprietary AI technology, our crack team of cybersecurity professionals is the engine that keeps CyberMDX's defenses way ahead of  healthcare's cyber threats. 


Team Leaders

azi cohen team member

Azi Cohen


Azi Cohen is a serial entrepreneur with 25 years of information technology and active angel investor experience both as CEO and founder. Before joining CyberMDX, Azi was the Co-Founder & SVP Global Sales for WhiteSource, a global leader in open source security software. At WhiteSource, Azi successfully built the business to a customer base that now exceeds 1,000 clients worldwide.

Other positions that Azi has held include various board advisor roles, as well as CEO and Co-founder of Eurekify, a leading provider of Governance, Risk and Compliance solutions which was eventually acquired by CA Technologies in 2008. Azi is a former captain in the Israeli Defence Force and also a featured speaker in numerous conferences and forums, including a Tedx Talk in 2017 on the future of cyber security.


Amir Magner

President and Co-Founder

Amir brings more than two decades of cybersecurity experience to CyberMDX. The former Head of the Cyber Division of Israel’s Prime-Minister's Office (PMO), Amir led the national strategic cyber activities in Prime Minister's Office as a senior executive

At CyberMDX, Amir leads the strategic direction of the organization as well managing the overall operations and resources of the company.


Motti Sorani


Motti has 20 years experience in the cyber domain both offensive and defensive, in both governmental units and start-ups. In a previous role at the Prime Minister's Office, Motti established a department focusing on cutting-edge cyber capabilities, managing groups of skilled security researchers, software engineers and dev-ops. Motti also functioned as Chief Cybersecurity Architect at CYMOTIVE, automotive cyber security company.


Joe Scotto


Before joining CyberMDX, Joe was Chief Marketing Officer for Indegy, a successful cybersecurity startup which was acquired by Tenable in December of 2019. While there, Joe helped position Indegy as a leader in the Industrial Control Systems market category, creating breakthrough programs to drive market awareness and thought leadership.

Joe is a senior marketing executive with broad experience building and leading marketing teams for a variety of global B2B organizations in the technology, defense, telecom and publishing industries. Prior to Indegy, Joe held a number of sales, channel and marketing roles with companies including BAE Systems, Avaya and Time Warner.


Ido Geffen

VP Product and Customer Success

Ido comes to CyberMDX after nearly 10 years of experience in the Technology Unit of the Israeli Security Agency. Prior to joining CyberMDX, Ido held several positions at the Israeli Security Agency, ranging from R&D Group Manager, a Product Manager and an R&D Team Leader. Ido is an esteemed CSA 405(d) Task Group Member.


Gil Regev

VP Engineering

Gil brings two decades of experience leading product, professional-services, and R&D teams at enterprise level organizations.

Prior to joining CyberMDX, Gil headed up Amdocs journey to the cloud and led Jungo's R&D department (part of NDS/Cisco).


Amir Vashkover

Director of Compliance, VP European Business Development

In addition to being responsible for CyberMDX's compliance posture, Amir directs the company's European business strategy from end-to-end — influencing the product roadmap, shaping the go-to-market plan, cultivating strategic partnerships, and building the pipeline.

With prior experience in enterprise software deployment planning, product management,  and R&D, Amir brings a multidisciplinary and well-rounded perspective to the job.

Prior to joining CyberMDX, Amir was a Senior Product Manager at BMC, a leader in Enterprise IT security solutions.


Elad Luz

Head of Research

Elad has more than 12 year experience working “hands-on” in cybersecurity software research and management.

As Head of Research at CyberMDX, Elad gathers and analyzes information on a variety of medical devices in order to improve the techniques used to protect them and/or report about their security issues to vendors.

The research includes analyzing protocols, reverse engineering software, and testing vulnerabilities.


Professor Gil David

Chief Scientist of Artificial Intelligence

Prof. Gil David, a global expert in the fields of AI, ML and deep learning, led for seven years R&D teams in the Israeli Prime Minister's Office and Israel's Intelligence Unit. Gil was one of the world pioneers of developing ML and anomaly detection algorithms and systems for cyber security. In his postdoc in Applied Mathematics at Yale, Gil developed algorithms for learning user behavior, analyzing profiles, and detecting anomalies in the cyber, medical and finance domains. Gil was also a member of the Aorato Advisory Board (acquired by Microsoft in 2014), where he designed and developed the ML algorithms.

Key Advisers


Lane Bess

Strategic Advisor

The former CEO of Palo Alto Networks, leading the company to its IPO. Bess is an entrepreneurial spirit who brought Trend Micro Internet Security to market and made it a global name Len has helped build some of the most well-known Internet Security companies. He has held different key positions in multi-national companies such as Zscaler and AT&T.


Prof. Ari Shamiss

Strategic Advisor

CEO of Assuta Medical Center, the largest private hospital network in Israel. Prof. Shamiss is involved in numerous global business and healthcare technology projects and provides consultancy services to leading international healthcare organizations.

Board of Directors


Yuval Bar-Gil

Chairman of the Board

Yuval was the co-Founder & CEO of AeroScout, the largest provider of visibility solutions in the healthcare market. At Aeroscout he successfully launched & installed at thousands of worldwide leading hospitals and healthcare organizations, until its acquisition by Stanley Healthcare.

An entrepreneur, Yuval also founded, guided and invested in start-ups & serves on the board of several companies.


Moti Shniberg

Co-Founder and Board Member

A serial entrepreneur, Moti was the co-founder and Chairman of (acquired by Facebook), and of FDNA, genomics and precision medicine company with revolutionary technology used today by +2,000 clinical sites worldwide.


Amir Manger

President and Co-Founder

Amir brings more than two decades of cybersecurity experience to CyberMDX. The former Head of the Cyber Division of Israel’s Prime-Minister's Office (PMO), Amir led the national strategic cyber activities in Prime Minister's Office as a senior executive

At CyberMDX, Amir leads the the strategic direction of the organization as well managing the overall operations and resources of a company.

Rami Kalish-3

Rami Kalish

Board Member

Rami Kalish is a Managing General Partner and Co-Founder at Pitango.

Prior to founding Pitango, he held sales and marketing positions at IBM and senior executive roles at Orbotech.

In addition to CyberMDX, Rami currently serves on the Board of Directors at Avantis Team, Flash Networks, ForeScout Technologies (NASDAQ: FSCT) and Neura.


Dr. Yossi Bahagon-1

Dr. Yossi Bahagon

Board Member

A clinically active Family Physician, entrepreneur, and influencer in the fields of e-health, m-Health & Tele-Care, Dr. Bahagon founded and managed Clalit Health Services' Digital Health Division. 

Dr. Bahagon founded and managed Luminox (acquired) – a leading Israeli Digital Health startup hub. Since Luminox's acquisition, Dr. Bahagon has served as the Managing Partner of Qure, Israel’s first Digital Health Fund, operating under the auspices of OurCrowd VC. 

In addition to CyberMDX, Dr. Bahagon sits as a board member of Biocat's Digital Health Accelerator in Barcelona and is an Editorial Board Member of the UK eHealth Law & Policy Journal.

Sham Jean Touati

Jean Touati

Board Member

The Chief Information Officer of Europe's largest mutual group providing insurance and risk management services to healthcare professionals, Jean brings an abundance of business experience and valuable perspective to the team.

In one person, Jean connects and brings to life so many of the different spaces and dimension through which the CyberMDX offering shines.