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CyberMDX Joins Medical Device Information Safety & Security Consortium, Contributes to WHISTL

As a founding member of MDISS, CyberMDX will collaborate in national cyber information-sharing and research community to advance patient safety and enhance the security of medical devices

New York, NY, October 23, 2018  CyberMDX, a leading healthcare cybersecurity provider delivering visibility and threat prevention for medical devices and clinical networks, announced today that the company has joined the Medical Device Innovation, Safety and Security Consortium (MDISS), and will drive research in the organization’s security testing lab known as WHISTL. The World Health Information Security Testing Lab (WHISTL) is comprised of a federated network of facilities independently owned and operated by MDISS member organizations that collaborate on best practice development and the sharing of cyber information for patient safety. The WHISTL lab’s focus is on advancing an understanding of secure architecture and its validation.

CyberMDX medical device and security experts are partnering with MDISS and WHISTL labs to develop best practices for the WHISTL Lab network operations manual; the development of best practices for defining and evaluating secure architecture; and training programs to help organizations effectively address the public health challenges arising from cyber security issues emergent in complex, multi-vendor networks of medical devices. As part of this effort, CyberMDX will develop standard operating procedures for testing environments and validation methods based on international standards. CyberMDX cybersecurity research experts, who have significant experience in both the public and private sector, will work closely with member HDOs (Health Delivery Organizations) and manufacturers to teach and advance validation for secure architecture.

In addition, CyberMDX will lend its broad industry experience and real-world medical device data analytics and security research to the MDISS platform, which helps protect patients by improving the security and resiliency of connected medical devices. The company will also incorporate MDISS risk analysis data into its CyberMDX MDefend solution – a network-based solution designed to identify, categorize, and protect medical devices and their clinical networks, while supporting hospital IT challenges and workflow.

This joint effort illustrates how the private and non-profit sectors are working together to raise awareness and advance network-centric scalable solutions for patient care-delivery networks.

“We are pleased to welcome CyberMDX as a foundational member of the MDISS initiative for scalable data and surveillance services that will advance best practices for secure architecture and its validation,” said Dr. Dale Nordenberg, Executive Director of MDISS. “We also look forward to their contributions to WHISTL and I am confident that their rich research expertise will provide much-needed insight into medical device security, resulting in increased relevant and actionable information sharing and situational awareness for all stakeholders.”

Deeply rooted in industry experience with healthcare security expertise, the research and analyst arm of CyberMDX is adept at zero-day and one-day exploitations  fully dedicated to continuous threat discovery, vulnerability research and response handling for medical devices and clinical assets, making it an ideal partner for this collaboration.

“Current generic IoT security solutions are not able to mitigate the growing numbers of vulnerabilities in health care networks. As pioneers of medical device threat intelligence, we provide indicators of security threats, deliver custom research reports, and through responsible vulnerability disclosures our research team works tirelessly to help protect hospitals and their patients. Joining the WHISTL initiative and contributing to the MDISS platforms is an important step to furthering those efforts,” said Amir Magner, CEO of CyberMDX. “In a collaborative effort, we will provide healthcare professionals around the globe with actionable threat intelligence based on the research and analysis of medical device vulnerabilities.”

About CyberMDX

CyberMDX, a leading provider of medical cybersecurity, delivers zero touch visibility and threat prevention for medical devices and clinical assets. CyberMDX delivers a scalable, easy to deploy cybersecurity solution, providing unmatched visibility and protection of medical devices ensuring their operational continuity as well as patient and data safety. CyberMDX multidisciplinary team consist of veterans of Israeli Intelligence’s elite cyber units, medical devices experts, and AI academic leaders. For more information, please visit us at


The Medical Device Innovation, Safety and Security Consortium (MDISS), founded in 2010, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public/private partnership dedicated to advancing patient safety and public health, and the first to focus exclusively on medical device cybersecurity. MDISS develops and delivers practical technology, operations and policy solutions for member organizations, including hospitals, health delivery organizations, doctors, epidemiologists, clinical engineers, medical device manufacturers, academics, regulators, embedded security experts and cybersecurity researchers. Join us. Visit


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