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CyberMDX & Check Point Technologies Integrate, Offer Joint Solution 

Integrated healthcare security solution combines CyberMDX’s visibility and detection with Check Point’s gateway and policy management 


New York, NY, March 25, 2020 CyberMDX today announced that it has completed a technology integration with Check Point's IoT Security Solution. The joint solution combines CyberMDX's 360° IoMT visibility with Check Point's smart policy enforcement to deliver fully functional attack prevention.

All hospital assets are auto-identified and classified by CyberMDX’s AI engine. The classified assets are then pushed to the Check Point IoT Security platform, tagging the devices using its IoT API. In addition, tagging mechanisms are further leveraged in order to create recommended policy for a set of similar devices.

The recommended policies are based on CyberMDX’s Smart-Isolation planning tool which creates context-aware network access policies, tailored to the specific clinical network, and enforced using Check Point’s firewalls. CyberMDX also maintains Check Point concurrence with asset IP addresses (even when those addresses are dynamic).

This highly structured classification methodology, coupled with CyberMDX’s deep understanding of clinical IT environments and Check Point enforcement, streamlines the production and implementation of finely tuned and robust security policies that would otherwise only be possible with a great deal of manual labor.

"Today's world of hyper-aware hospitals requires total visibility, operational insight, and protection for every networked device," said Amir Magner, CEO of CyberMDX. "Our partnership with Check Point will make a very big difference for our combined customer bases and that's something we're really proud of. The joint solution brings healthcare delivery organizations an extremely robust, easy to use, and truly end-to-end digital security command center." 

As hospitals continue to connect millions of new devices to the internet, IT and security operations teams must ensure their security strategies evolve quickly enough to cover each new attack surface. Like any other system, to properly secure medical IoT requires visibility and protection at every stage of implementation.

Learn more by reading the joint solution brief here.




About CyberMDX 

A pioneer in healthcare cyber intelligence, CyberMDX delivers endpoint visibility, network threat prevention, and operational analytics for medical, IT, OT, and IoT devices. CyberMDX identifies, categorizes, and protects connected medical devices — ensuring resiliency as well as patient safety and data privacy. With CyberMDX's continuous endpoint discovery & mapping, comprehensive risk assessment, AI-powered containment & response, and operational analytics, risks are easily mitigated and assets optimized.

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