CyberMDX Rolls Out MDefend-Cisco ISE Integration      

Bringing together MDefend, Cisco ISE, and the pxGrid eco-system, CyberMDX provides superior visibility into clinical networks & continuous risk assessment. With the integration, MDefend can automatically enforce smart group-based micro-segmentation policies at any scale.    


CyberMDX Exposes 2 Major Med Device Vulnerabilities

The research arm of CyberMDX has discovered security vulnerabilities in two popular medical devices: Becton Dickinson (BD)’s Alaris® TIVA Syringe Pump and Qualcomm’s Capsule Datacaptor Terminal Server (DTS). The vulnerabilities have been publicly disclosed via ICS-CERT.    


CyberMDX Completes $10 Million Series A Financing 

Pitango Venture Capital led the round with the goal of improving the company's market penetration and bolstering R&D for comprehensive, zero-touch medical device visibility & operational security solutions across large and complex deployment environments.