Detect.  Define.  Defend.  Do more.

360° visibility, insight, and protection for all connected hospital technologies —managed & unmanaged alike

Our scalable, easy-to-deploy security solution works to ensure your organization’s operational safety, compliance and continuity through continuous asset discovery, comprehensive risk profiling, and AI-powered containment and response capabilities.

The CyberMDX solution identifies endpoints and assesses vulnerabilities to detect, respond to and prevent cyber incidents.

We inject cyber intelligence across all...

IT & OT Devices

Medical Devices

IoT Devices

Cross-departmental Benefits: Learn more about how CyberMDX can specifically enable your department and enhance your workflows

How it works

Agentless and Flexible Deployment:
Centralized architecture for simple and scalable deployment across large distributed networks

Span/Tap/Packet Broker Core Switches CyberMDX Sensor Cloud CyberMDX Core WLC Distribution switches Access switches Devices

CyberMDX integrates with other systems to deliver greater insights & enhanced capabilities while effectively shrinking your solution stack

Open RESTful API
Security Alerts
Data correlation
Device attributes e.g. MAC address, risk level, Work order creation based on alert
Cloud IoT Security
Device level classification and risk scoring
Threat detection
Network Access Control
Device generic attributes
Current TrustSec policy
Device type, make and model
SGs and SG-ACLs
Firewall classification
Tag, Policies
CMDB and Workflow Management
Ticket Status
Inventory to CMDB
Alert > ticket in ITSM