Focused on maintaining operational continuity and increasing care capacity in the face of the crisis, hospitals are more distracted than ever before. The situation has not been helped by the frenzied push for greater connectivity and digitization to support the rapid increase in telemedicine and remote work capabilities.

With resources stretched thin, make-do solutions improvised on the fly, and a vastly expanded cyber footprint, hospitals are also more vulnerable than ever before. This unfortunate combination of factors makes healthcare organizations an irresistibly attractive target to hackers.

It all adds up to a new normal that hospital administrators are going to need to learn to navigate quickly. With that in mind, CyberMDX has prepared a three-part report series surveying this fast-evolving landscape and presenting the new rules of the game.

Download the reports to learn how COVID-19 is reshaping the healthcare cyber landscape:

  • Cyberattack trends that have emerged during the pandemic
  • A rundown of COVID-19 era healthcare breaches
  • The challenges faced by HDOs in securing remote workforces
  • The challenges of quickly rolling out secure telemedicine services
  • Specific and actionable best practice recommendations

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