Let CyberMDX support your hospital's COVID-19 response plan

In an effort to accelerate the identification, location, and utilization of critical medical devices during these challenging times, CyberMDX is making its healthcare cyber intelligence solution available to hospitals for rapid deployment and without any commitments.

Installed remotely using a virtual appliance, our agentless network monitoring and operations management solution delivers:

  • Real-time device identification, usage, and location, in order to help with efficient resource allocation between the hospital departments.
  • Internal policy monitoring- organizational requirements and regulations (i.e. MDS2 forms, ePHI tracking, FDA recalls) with alert notifications (email, SIEM, SMS)
  • Risk scoring, Anomaly/malicious activity detection and actionable remediation - Enhancing decision making based on a matrix of risk factors (i.e. patient safety, CVSS score, FDA recalls), cover both known and unknown attacks
  • Quick onboarding of new devices  troubleshooting network errors and locating them even without RFID
  • Device use-error detection- Detect misconfigurations, connectivity issues, and troubleshooting, predictive maintenance 

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