The CyberMDX Control Center

Define, validate & enforce your clinical network policies.

Powered by CyberMDX’s proprietary technology, industry expertise, and an always-growing healthcare dataset, the Control Center constitutes the most robust network and endpoint governance solution on the market today.

The CyberMDX Control Center is how smart healthcare organizations make the most of available technologies — like automated DPI or ML-powered anomaly detection — and the industry’s largest multi-vendor communication protocol database to keep their operations secure and running smoothly.


Using the Control Center

Through the Control Center, CyberMDX users can easily review, validate and enforce the policies underpinning digital governance across the entire organization. From that panoptic point of view, a user can easily navigate to a given area of interest or concern and zoom in further to understand the rule-based logic governing interactions in that area.

The Control Center not only empowers streamlined policy enforcement, but policy formulation as well. The Control Center gives users access to pre-built rules across different categories of policy imperatives, such as "Detection & Response", "Asset Management", "Analytics" and more. Alterations to rules can be made surgically and easily in full view of how those adjustments would fit into the wider operation and other workflows.

Let the system work for you, tracking and enforcing policies you’ve designed — saving labor and reducing errors in daily operations.

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One Dashboard For All Organizational Health Information Technology Governance Needs

From Network and Endpoint Governance to Risk Tracking to Automated Documentation & Compliance Reporting the Control Center has you covered.

With CyberMDX, medical IT and compliance personnel can detect, understand, contain, and prevent cyber attacks automatically. CyberMDX combines extensive research and knowledge of cyber attacks and medical device vulnerabilities with artificial intelligence to deliver unprecedented network insight and security.

Put your daily asset management, policy validation, progress tracking and analytics tasks on auto-pilot!