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Why It’s Wrong to Sync Medical Device Patching & Scheduled Maintenance

Machines are indispensable, yet imperfect. They work fine one day and break down the next. What’s more, even if the machine remains in essentially the same working order, you’ll still need to reconfigure, adjust, reinforce, or add components if its environment is liable to change. 

New Anesthesia Machine Vulnerability Disclosure Tells a Bigger Story

For the first time, on July 9, 2019, ICS-CERT disclosed a vulnerability specifically impacting anesthesia machines. If exploited, the vulnerability would allow an attacker to silence alarms, alter date and time ...

CVE-2019-10962 & IoT Security Threats From "Innocent" Objects

At one point early on in the beloved C. S. Lewis children’s novel, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Mr. Tumnus sets the scene, intimating the stakes involved and explaining his own timidity, saying, “The Witch is ever so watchful. Even the trees have eyes...!”

The BlueKeep Vulnerability Is Stalking Hospital Halls

On May 14, 2019, Microsoft published an advisory for a newly discovered remote code execution vulnerability. Given the identifier CVE-2019-0708, the vulnerability has been more ...

5 Scary Real-Life Cyber-Attacks You Probably Never Heard About

It’s often said there’s a statistic to support any story you want to tell, a fact that’s borne out by the worrying increase in fake news, but ...

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5 Scary Real-Life Cyber-Attacks You Probably Never Heard About

It’s often said there’s a statistic to support any story you want to tell, a fact that’s borne out by the worrying increase in fake news, but some are repeated so often they’re worth listening to:

Cybersecurity 101: Medical Technology Edition

The world is changing; and while there may never have been a time when that statement was not true, it seems particularly true today. Change these days seems to be a lot more aggressive and...

Healthcare Cybersecurity Predictions for 2019

Like most business units at this time of year, biomedical and clinical teams will be reflecting on the last 12 months and trying, as best they can, to figure out what the new year will bring....

Why Are More Robust Medical Cybersecurity Measures Even Needed?

It seems that every day we hear about the need for more and better medical cybersecurity measures, but why? We don’t hear about the need for retailers to improve shoplifting prevention mechanisms....

Better Passwords Key to Bridging the Medical Data Security Gap

By now, most of us are familiar with the “WannaCry” ransomware attack. This attack exploited a weakness in Microsoft's Windows operating system to encrypt files and render computers useless until...

Anatomy of an ICS-CERT Advisory: How Zero-Days are Disclosed

CyberMDX made news when its research and analysis team identified and responsibly disclosed two serious and hitherto unknown medical device vulnerabilities.

Medical Device Industry Challenges: Beyond the Bleeding Edge

Directed by Oscar-nominated filmmakers Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering, the new Netflix documentary, The Bleeding Edge, profiles five people who suffered horrendously when the medical devices on which...

Why Cybersecurity Should Concern Every Hospital CEO

Medical devices can be your best asset and your worst nightmare. X-ray machines, defibrillators, and other medical electronics are life-saving technologies, but they can also be easily hacked if...

Tough Security Questions Hospital CISOs Must Be Able to Answer

Your CISO has a big job: develop network security processes and procedures, while addressing privacy, confidentiality and compliance standards, while investigating and managing health information...




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