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Best Practices for End of Product Life Health Technology Management

Today’s hospitals are centers of advanced technology, with upwards of several thousand medical devices and clinical assets under their roof. The US is home to 6,210 hospitals, each with 50 to 500 beds and 10-15 networked devices per bed. According to the American Hospital Association (AHA), there are a total of 931,203 staffed hospital beds across the United States. That means that just at the bedside there are some 14 million connected medical devices in the US.

Cybersecurity as a Medical Device Quality Assurance Imperative

Though cybersecurity is most closely associated with the IT department, the truth is that it affects and touches all aspects of an organization. Indeed, even the most devoted IT professionals would find themselves at a deficit if basic cyber hygiene is not practiced by the wider staff. This is especially true ...

Cybersecurity: Key to the Hospital Strategic Planning Process

Hospitals operate in a challenging environment: relationships with insurers, state as well as federal rules and regulations, staff shortages, emerging treatments, new clinical technologies, and the need to manage a whole range of suppliers and stakeholders. The complexity and importance of these ...

Emerging MedTech Trends to Keep an Eye On In 2019

Subject to stringent regulatory regimes with considerable legacy complications hindering new infrastructure, technology, or processes — most hospitals are also saddled with significant bureaucracy, and a general fear of change. These facts contribute to a reality in which healthcare ...

Healthcare Industry Cybersecurity Tips & Tricks

I won't sugar coat it. Hospitals are seen by hackers as "soft" and valuable targets. The modern medical facility is connected to the internet in a multitude of ways. These connections include email clients, multi-location data integration systems, medical devices, and off-premise ...

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Protect & Defend: How A Zero-Day Vulnerability Is Disclosed & Closed

CyberMDX made news recently when its research and analysis team identified and responsibly disclosed two serious and hitherto unknown medical device vulnerabilities.

The Problem with the Medical Device Industry that The Bleeding Edge Ignores

Directed by Oscar-nominated filmmakers Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering, the new Netflix documentary, The Bleeding Edge, profiles five people who suffered horrendously when the medical devices on which...

Why Hospital CEOs Should Worry About Medical Device Cybersecurity

Medical devices can be your best asset and your worst nightmare. X-ray machines, defibrillators, and other medical electronics are life-saving technologies, but they can also be easily hacked if...

How to Digitally Secure Fast-Evolving & Emerging Health Technologies

Cybercrime is nuanced, and while most medical facilities think they are secure, undiscovered security gaps are being exploited every day. And, it’s not always easy to detect a breach.

Top Cybersecurity Questions Hospital CISOs Must Be Ready to Answer

Your CISO has a big job: develop network security processes and procedures, while addressing privacy, confidentiality and compliance standards, while investigating and managing health information...




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