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Cybersecurity: A Key Component of the Hospital Strategic Planning Process

Hospitals operate in a challenging environment: relationships with insurers, state as well as federal rules and regulations, staff shortages, emerging treatments, new clinical technologies, and the need to manage a whole range of suppliers and stakeholders. The complexity and importance of these inter-dependencies means hospitals need a sound multi-year strategic plan to make sure they are properly addressed.

Fortifying Hospital Network Security with Endpoint Detection & Response

Spurred by competition, razor-thin operating margins, and government regulation, healthcare organizations are under immense pressure to quickly and regularly implement new technologies. Unfortunately, this mad rush to adopt new technologies often leaves security planning on the back burner. When security is finally ...

Why General IoT Security Solutions Are Ill-Equipped to Handle Healthcare-Specific Threats

The rush to adopt IoT devices in consumer and business markets is well documented, but the scale of uptake comes at a cost: the increased risk of cyber attack. More connected devices and the absence of end-to-end cyber vigilance (from both manufacturers and users) means more opportunities for bad actors. As ...

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