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Cybersecurity: A Key Component of the Hospital Strategic Planning Process

Hospitals operate in a challenging environment: relationships with insurers, state as well as federal rules and regulations, staff shortages, emerging treatments, new clinical technologies, and the need to manage a whole range of suppliers and stakeholders. The complexity and importance of these inter-dependencies means hospitals need a sound multi-year strategic plan to make sure they are properly addressed.

Healthcare Cybersecurity Predictions for 2019

Like most business units at this time of year, biomedical and clinical teams will be reflecting on the last 12 months and trying, as best they can, to figure out what the new year will bring. Given the downward pressure on costs, increased intervention from state and federal regulators, and the explosion of new ...

What Is Cybersecurity All About for Hospitals

Picture this: you're a doctor at Holy Mountain’s Heart & Vascular Center. You're running late. Rushing past a waiting room full of patients in need of care, you hurry to your office and unlock the screen saver on your PC to access case files for the day ahead. Met with a blank screen, you call the IT support ...

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