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Ido Geffen

Ido Geffen

A veteran of the Israeli Security Agency's Technology Unit, Ido is a human amalgamation of technological acumen, business smarts, and interpersonal skills. Ido serves as VP Product and Customer Success for CyberMDX.

Posts by Ido Geffen


Windows 7 EoL Has Arrived: Now What?

Although Microsoft officially ended mainstream support for Windows 7 back in January 2015, the compa...

How MDS² Data Can Inform Smarter Medical Device Workflows

In 2004, Nema (the National Electrical Manufacturers Association), together with HIMSS (Health Infor...

Everything HDOs Need to Know About URGENT/11

On July 29th, 2019, eleven vulnerabilities affecting the “VxWorks” Real Time Operating System (RTOS)...

How to Track and Act On Clinical Asset Utilization Insights

HDOs occupy a unique position: on the one hand, their focus is on patient care, and their success is...

Healthcare Network Security: Can’t My NAC Knock Back A HIT Attack?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 10 years, you’ve heard of the Internet of Things...

Cybersecurity as a Medical Device Quality Assurance Imperative

Though cybersecurity is most closely associated with the IT department, the truth is that it affects...

Cybersecurity 101: Medical Technology Edition

The world is changing; and while there may never have been a time when that statement was not true, ...

How Leading Endpoint Security Tools Cover Hospitals

Medical devices are often the weak point in a hospital’s technology landscape and, if compromised, c...

Dealing with Cybersecurity Issues in Healthcare: Tips & Tricks

I won't sugar coat it. Hospitals are seen by hackers as "soft" and valuable targets. The modern medi...




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