About CyberMDX

We are a team of top cybersecurity specialists and technology entrepreneurs with decades of collective experience in cyber warfare and cyber intelligence, addressing the growing security challenges hospitals and clinical networks are facing. We understand what potential attackers want and know how to prevent them from getting it.


Why we do what we do

Medical devices, which are among the weakest assets in hospital networks, are also the most critical—they not only contain valuable patient data, they save lives.

The CyberMDX team understood that only multidisciplinary expertise and a multi-layered protection solution would counter against these threats.

We believe that we have a responsibility to use our knowledge and expertise to protect the devices that protect our families, friends, and patients everywhere.

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How we do it

With CyberMDX, medical IT and compliance personnel can detect, understand, contain, and prevent cyber attacks automatically. We combine our extensive research and knowledge of cyber attacks and medical device vulnerabilities with Artificial Intelligence to give our clients unprecedented insight into their network security.